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Fire fighting & Fire Alarm

Esatern Euro covers all aspects of Fire Protection including passive and active systems and can design, manufacture and integrate a full Fire Protection System to help protect your property and your most important assets, the people within it. We can provide Engineering & Design services for all types of projects, including wet fire or dry fire sprinkler systems, deluge systems, and clean agent fire suppression systems, both large and small.

Portfolio of services
Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the following:

1.    Fire Fighting - Sprinkler Installation & Modification System 
2.    Fire Alarm - Installation & Modification System 
3.    FACP Programming, Testing and Commissioning 
4.    Emergency / Exit Lighting System 
5.    Civil Defense Approvals & EHS Certifi- cation. 
6.    Fire Suppression System


Our in house Design team works with customers to ensure quality workmanship, reliable system configuration, local code compliance and budget requirements are met on time. The documents that are prepared for every project are detailed and complete and they are well coordinated with our in house Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection disciplines that are associated with every project.


Our dedicated teams of project specialists have extensive experience installing a wide variety of systems to meet the individual customer’s requirements. Our Project Managers, Project Engineers, Site Supervisors and Field Technicians strive for top quality installation and successful completion.


In addition to contract construction services Eastern Euro offers complete MEP services for all types of facilities. Services include regularly scheduled inspections and shut down maintenance to assure efficient operation and extended equipment life cycles.

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